[Juser] Number of users in the public Jabber Network/Jabber community in general

Panagiotis Stathopoulos panagiotis.stathopoulos at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 18:07:07 UTC 2014

Hello all,
Thanks for the answers. Of course I did nt suppose that a precise user
count would be possibly, however even other distributed networks have some
estimation of their users (e.g. 380K active users for Diaspora
So probably a better formulation of the question would be if public Jabber
network users are in the order of magnitude of hundred thousands or
millions, globally.
Also Matt I will check out the tsung s/w you mention, scalability and load
figures also could provide a hint about the number of users supported.
Thanks again

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 3:13 AM, Matt Bellizzi <mbellizzi at imprivata.com>wrote:

>  Hey there
>  That's kinda of a hard question.   I work for a company that makes a
> messaging platform for health care practitioners.  It's based on XMPP  and
> the implementation we use is ejabberd.   I'm the QA person also in charge
> of load testing.  As with most things the number of users  depends on what
> operations those users are  doing as  well as things like typical message
> size,   how you store messages on the backend (nosql  vs sql).    The tool
> I use to load test is Tsung.     You might want to query their list
> tsung-users at lists.process-one.net  for  load test results
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> Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 5:01 PM
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> Subject: [Juser] Number of users in the public Jabber Network/Jabber
> community in general
>   Hi all,
> I am currently in the process of evaluating using  XMPP as a messaging
> middleware for a couple of development projects.
> While more modern(?) solutions seem to be in the rise (e.g. WebRTC,
> zeromq,etc) XMPP seems to be particularly mature, and well maintained.
> However, an important question, which I was not able to find an answer, is
> the estimated number of public Jabber network active users and the number
> of user in the jabber community in general.
> Its obvious that a healthy number of users and usage level trends, can be
> relevant to the resources (libraries, people etc) that the Jabber dev
> community can support.
>  I am afraid, I could not find any such figure on the public, based at
> least on some quick web searches.
> So, do you have any hints, information or estimation about these figures,
> (public Jabber network users and private Jabber networks)
> Thanks in advance!
> Panagiotis
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