[Juser] Gmail account cannot talk to Jabber.org account

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 27 15:18:24 UTC 2014

On 3/27/14, 7:23 AM, Shaun Kruger wrote:
> That stopped working for me last year when Google officially dropped
> full XMPP support in favor of hangouts' private protocol.  Now xmpp c2s
> is just a compatibility layer for third party client support.  They
> posted something about it on the old Google talk page when it was
> depreciated.

Sad but true. Although, as I understand it, this should be the case only 
for Google users who download the new Hangouts app.

> On Mar 27, 2014 7:14 AM, "Weiyang Mo" <moweiyang1988 at gmail.com
> <mailto:moweiyang1988 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I'm using newest PSI, and today I found I cannot talk between
>     gmail.com <http://gmail.com> account and jabber.org
>     <http://jabber.org> anymore. It was working previously.

When was it working and when did it stop working? Did you download the 
new Hangouts app?

>     (1) When I tried sending msg from my gmail account to jabber.org
>     <http://jabber.org> account, the following information appears
>     "Remote server not found. A remote server or service specified as
>     part or all of the JID of the intended recipient does not exist."
>     (2) However I can talk between two jabber accounts without any problem.
>     Is there any policy change recently to make this happen?

Not at jabber.org (although last weekend we did test required encryption 
for server-to-server connections, and that prevented communication with 
Google Talk / Apps domains since Google does not currently support such 


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