[Juser] bad jingle support - why?

Matthias Meisser mame-lists at plattform32.de
Sat May 30 10:22:07 UTC 2015


this is Matthias. I'm an usual Jabber enduser and don't like to blame
anybody out here. I deeply respect the contributors and XMPP ecosystem
as a whole, but like to ask / note some problems of the current
multimedia support in all.

I tried to get a working get working audio / video between various
clients, but with no success. On my side I tried pidgin, jitsi, gajim,
psi, ... at different computers. The other sides were also various /
same clients on other OSses including windows. But we had a lot of
problems starting from no established links, asynchronous playback and
hard artifacts till reproducible crashs of the clients. All in all an
experience that I can't use to promote a decentralized and more secure
communication environment with state of the art multimedia features :-(

Don't get me wrong, I see that this is a pretty complex usecase and
problems can occure easily in connectivity (NAT,TLS, s2s, s2c,...),
sessions, multimedia-frameworks, ... esp. if this is an open process
with different implementations etc.
But my questions is, what we can do to improve the situation? (better
diagnostics, working group, testsuite, ...)

I'm interested in what you think are reasons that multimedia over XMPP
seems to be still unusable today?
It's 2015 and E. Snowden has still to use skype as this seems just to
work fine while we all would need a more redecentralized infrastructure
to avoid loosing our privacy in front of NSA or cooperations :-/


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