[Juser] KDE IM Requirements

Severino Ferrer de la Peñita seve at delape.net
Tue Feb 13 21:30:11 UTC 2018

Hello all,

First of all I would like to thank people following and participating in this topic.
Also, I would like to apologise in case this mailing list is not the correct one to discuss this, but I couldn't think on a better one.

Tony, thank you for your contribution. I don't use Tor, for example, so I cannot tell how can XMPP be used in that area. Your feedback is very much appreciated, that's why I started this topic.

Ludovic, regarding KDETalk, I used to use their service years ago, but that doesn't mean they will switch to XMPP. It's just a service they offer and that's all. It's sad but that's how it is currently, they still use IRC, for instance. I'm sure some members in their community are not even aware of that service.

Martin, indeed. KDE people have to decide by themselves. My concern here is that they seem to ignore (or maybe they just don't know) XMPP. I'm not going to force anyone but at least, I would like them to consider XMPP as an option.
Communities like them should consider XMPP as the first option in my opinion. It is very important for the XMPP ecosystem to have such big groups of people (and developers) involved in it. Even if it is just as users (the most important bit of this!)

The idea behind my email, was to genlty let KDE know about XMPP, explaining them that they will not need to migrate in the future to the trendy chat application, for example, since XMPP is a living standard.

I'm not related to KDE or anything (I have to admit, I use their software though :) ) and I would still do the same for any other community in this situation. I'm just someone that really cares about XMPP, and I would not like XMPP miss this chance.

And honestly, as I said, I don't pretend to force anything, I just want to say "Hi, this is XMPP and it would be interesting if you consider it as your communications protocol :)"

I'm still looking to where this 'collaborative document' could be hosted, but I will update this list when I find something. 
Of course, if anyone wants to do it or knows about where and how, please go ahead! :)

Sorry in advance if I haven't replied to everything.

Greetings :)

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