[Operators] gmail.com S2S problems

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Thu Apr 10 10:27:42 CDT 2008

Robert Larson wrote:
>     brady.k at gmail.com <mailto:brady.k at gmail.com>.
>     Subscription: none
>     Presence Error: Remote server not found.
>     A remote server or service specified as part or all of the JID of
>     the intended recipient does not exist.
> I receive the same error when I try to add anyone from gmail.  I am 
> currently under the assumption that there is something wrong with the 
> SRV records in my setup.  Could it be that something changed recently 
> with your DNS?  If you monitor the traffic at your server, do you see 
> traffic going out to gmail, and coming back?  Also, have you tried 
> adding or re-adding others to see if it might be that something 
> stopped working?

SRV and Gmail always have worked fine, and still work fine. I can talk 
to anyone on Gmail except that person.


Florian Jensen

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