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Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 21 09:44:46 CDT 2008

Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Spammers are not a big deal ATM, what we need a solution for is servers
> with broken s2s, this is hurting the Jabber network far more now.

It's hard to identify other institutions that offer a federated Jabber 
service to their users.  If I can't easily determine if my users can 
chat with users on X service, then how do I expect my users to figure it 
out?  If those services are available, but not working, then it makes it 
even more difficult.

One thing to consider is that the reason why spam isn't a big problem 
for most Jabber services is because federation isn't widely utilized. 
The spammers might be discouraged from targeting us for the same reason 
end-users don't try to chat with their users in another domain.  So, by 
that logic, improving federation might introduce a larger spam problem.

So, this ties back into Peter's original question: "define some 
parameters for measuring server reputation"... some ideas:

- The service supports federation, specify the type defined in 

- The service has a closed user population

- The service prevents automatic anonymous registration (captcha)

- The service's JIDs are identical to email addresses (if the email 
address/domain has a bad reputation, then the im service should too)

Those parameters would help improve use of federation and help define 
which services can be considered more trustworthy.


   Jesse Thompson
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