[Operators] server reputation

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Apr 22 11:50:32 CDT 2008

Brian Cully wrote:
> On 21-Apr-2008, at 17:15, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Do we need a general HOWTO for server admins so that we can have
>> something to point to when we say RTFM?
>     Yes. I think this is something almost everyone deals with at some
> point, and an easy guide would probably go a long way to smoothing that
> out.
>     Also, a test s2s server, graciously donated by some kind soul on the
> internet would also be useful, as one could use it for diagnosis.
> Something like an s2s validator. 

Oh, I like that idea a lot! Validators rock (XHTML, Atom, etc.). We
could run that at xmpp.net for sure. Once we create it, that is. ;-)

> Or: call me crazy, but an XMPP-wide
> validator, for RFC/XEP compliance, and so forth. 

That's a bigger job, and directed more at coders than operators. But
most definitely worth considering, too.

> There are also areas in
> the way of the Route Arbiter that might be useful, should our lovely
> community grow large enough.

By "Route Arbiter" do you mean this?


It's not clear to me how that would interact with the XMPP network or
what it would mean to build something similar for the XMPP network, so
perhaps you could expand on that?

>     In case my case isn't clear: I am /all/ for hand-holding everyone
> all the way through the process (provided I, personally, don't have to
> hold any hands). The easier this gets the faster we can take over the
> world!

Yeah, it's always great when someone else does the work. :)


Peter Saint-Andre

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