[Operators] requiring channel encryption

Jonathan Schleifer js-xog at webkeks.org
Wed Apr 30 07:31:35 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

> 1. Are any other XMPP services doing this right now (for c2s or s2s or
> both)?

I do, for c2s. For s2s, it's not possible yet. Sadly, there are still
many servers which don't support it.

> 2. Are there any clients of importance that don't support either SSL

Mobile clients. Couldn't get one working on my Nokia 6230i. Thus I'm
using MidpSSH + mcabber on it now.

> 3. What is your guess as to the percentage of XMPP services that won't
> be able to connect to jabber.org for s2s when we make this change
> (even if we accept self-signed certificates)? ;-)

Less than 10% I think. Even though, these will DEFINITELY change the
behaviour and add STARTTLS when jabber.org requires it. jabber.org is
the biggest Jabber server, not having s2s to it would be fatal for most
servers, thus they will fix it.

> I think we need to do this eventually because channel encryption is a
> Good Thing -- it's just a matter of time. But feedback from other
> service providers is welcome...

Go ahead, it needs to be done, no, it already should have been done!

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