[Operators] Google Talk Doesn't Perform S2S with Random Jabber Servers

Arnaud Abélard arnaud.abelard at univ-nantes.fr
Tue Feb 19 15:19:27 CST 2008

Keith Burgoyne wrote:
> Hi All,
> I found the post by Arnaud Abélard interesting. In it he claimed that he 
> has 2 jabber servers on the same subnet, running the same OS/jabberd 
> version, and gtalk is not working with one of them. I'm wondering if, 
> for some reason, google is black-listing certain jabber servers?

They are both serving a different domain, so i doubt google would 
blacklist domains just because of two servers are on the same subnet, 
not the same IP. Especially since the one that still work is obviously 
the one that is used by our students.

> This might explain why I was able to do s2s communication with google 
> talk when I switched from ejabberd, to jabberd2. Now neither work.
> Has anyone heard from Google on this?

I'm sure google is aware of that... (i sure do hope so!)


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