[Operators] Recent Google XMPP Federation problems

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 21 22:10:52 CST 2008

Hi Justin,

Thanks for letting us know what is causing this issue.  I look forward 
to the fix.

That is a gutsy move by the way.  :)


Justin Uberti wrote:
> Hi,
> There's been some discussion on this list about recent changes regarding 
> XMPP Federation at Google, and wanted to provide some information on 
> this issue.
> The recent launch of Google Apps Team Edition caused a problem that 
> broke XMPP Federation for some domains. In a nutshell, the issue was 
> that certain domains were being treated as if they were hosted at 
> Google, as opposed to being federated with Google. This prevented XMPP 
> packets from being routed properly.
> A fix has been identified and existing federated domains should start 
> working again soon. The fix also prevents the problem from happening in 
> the future with new federated domains. I'll send another update when the 
> fix is live in production.
> Thanks,
> Justin Uberti
> Tech Lead
> Google

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