[Operators] Recent Google XMPP Federation problems

Andreas Monitzer xmppoperator at monitzer.com
Sun Feb 24 14:19:02 CST 2008

On Feb 24, 2008, at 21:12, David Horwitz wrote:

> What does it take to activate this? Do you need to supply come kind  
> on domain ownership? Otherwise this is very bad (any one of our 26K+  
> staff or students could kill our XMPP federation)

You have to either be able to alter the DNS settings (insert a record  
they supply) or add a file to the top level of the webserver. If any  
student of yours is able to do that, you have bigger issues at hand :)

btw, I'm using Google for Domains for my email, too. I disabled the  
chat component, and since they fixed that bug, s2s to Gtalk works fine  
now from my ejabberd 2.0 installation.


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