[Operators] Recent Google XMPP Federation problems

David Horwitz david.horwitz at uct.ac.za
Tue Feb 26 03:52:42 CST 2008

An update on this post some back and forth with the google help team. It 
seems that anyone registering to use Google apps team edition on a 
domain causes google the assume it handles XMPP for that domain - Until 
the admin opts out.

So it looks like a student or staff member has registered to use google 
apps on our domain. No admin has registered (confirmed by Google) yet 
Google still seems to think it handles XMPP.

This is not good!


Arnaud Abélard wrote:
> Arnaud Abélard wrote:
>> Actually, i just noticed something bad, bad, bad from google. When 
>> activating Google Apps For Teams Edition, it actives gtalk 
>> automatically for the domain, so i guess the rerouting behavior was 
>> understandable in my case. I just disabled it, and hope we'll see some 
>> change in a few hours/days.
> Pheww.. that actually did it. Looks like it's fixed now. Google assumes 
> that people subscribing to Apps Teams Edition don't have an xmpp service 
>  already running. That kind of dangerous, especially if activating the 
> domain doesn't give you access to the management pages right away.
> Google should check by testing the SRV entries if an  XMPP service is 
> already provided by the domain before activating a non federated one 
> causing internal routing problems at google.
> Arnaud
>> On another note, it would be indeed usefull to have a modus operandi 
>> for XMPP Federation related problem reporting with google.
>> Arnaud
>>> David
>>> Arnaud Abélard wrote:
>>>> Justin Uberti wrote:
>>>>> All,
>>>>> The fix went into production today. XMPP Federation should be 
>>>>> working normally for all domains.
>>>> Thank you very much for this update Justin. Is it normal that I can 
>>>> not see anything change in the situation yet? Google still seem not 
>>>> to be able to reach our domain.
>>>> The explanation you gave made me think about the fact we activated 
>>>> google apps team edition on our domain to give it a try but we never 
>>>> meant to enable gtalk for it. Our domain already has its XMPP 
>>>> service running properly with the right SRV entries and all. I 
>>>> didn't think that all our XMPP trafic would be rerouted back to 
>>>> google or is that actually the problem the fix was supposed to, 
>>>> well...fix?
>>>> Am I the only one not noticing any improvement yet?
>>>> AA.
>>>>> --justin
>>>>> On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 5:47 AM, Keith Burgoyne 
>>>>> <keith at silverorange.com <mailto:keith at silverorange.com>> wrote:
>>>>>     Thanks for getting back to us Justin. We appreciate your efforts!!
>>>>>     Justin Uberti wrote:
>>>>>      > Hi,
>>>>>      >
>>>>>      > There's been some discussion on this list about recent changes
>>>>>      > regarding XMPP Federation at Google, and wanted to provide some
>>>>>      > information on this issue.
>>>>>      >
>>>>>      > The recent launch of Google Apps Team Edition caused a 
>>>>> problem that
>>>>>      > broke XMPP Federation for some domains. In a nutshell, the 
>>>>> issue was
>>>>>      > that certain domains were being treated as if they were 
>>>>> hosted at
>>>>>      > Google, as opposed to being federated with Google. This 
>>>>> prevented
>>>>>     XMPP
>>>>>      > packets from being routed properly.
>>>>>      >
>>>>>      > A fix has been identified and existing federated domains 
>>>>> should start
>>>>>      > working again soon. The fix also prevents the problem from 
>>>>> happening
>>>>>      > in the future with new federated domains. I'll send another 
>>>>> update
>>>>>      > when the fix is live in production.
>>>>>      >
>>>>>      > Thanks,
>>>>>      > Justin Uberti
>>>>>      > Tech Lead
>>>>>      > Google

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