[Operators] Recent Google XMPP Federation problems

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Tue Feb 26 07:00:14 CST 2008


On Feb 26, 2008, at 9:52 AM, David Horwitz wrote:
> An update on this post some back and forth with the google help  
> team. It seems that anyone registering to use Google apps team  
> edition on a domain causes google the assume it handles XMPP for  
> that domain - Until the admin opts out.
> So it looks like a student or staff member has registered to use  
> google apps on our domain. No admin has registered (confirmed by  
> Google) yet Google still seems to think it handles XMPP.
> This is not good!

Yeah. Not good at all. This was my biggest concern when I read about  
the team edition.

I think the Google team in charge of this must quickly re-think this  
behavior. It is terribly irresponsible. What would people think if I  
registered my email with GMail and they decided that they are my  
preferred MX?

I wonder if they couldn't risk legal action by disrupting network  
communications like this... Specially under US law... It's a terrible  
risk to take.

If anybody knows where admins can opt-out, please post the link. I  
need to place some domains in there... I wonder how they check that  
I'm really the domain admin. Another problem that Admin Contacts for  
Servers would solve...

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Pedro Melo
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