[Operators] Recent Google XMPP Federation problems

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Tue Feb 26 08:38:51 CST 2008


On Feb 26, 2008, at 1:17 PM, David Horwitz wrote:
> My last communication from google help basically seems to suggest  
> they expect us to go through the domain verification process in  
> order for us to get our routing back! So basically you have to  
> register all your domains, get admin access and switch off the  
> gtalk app or you risk one of your users breaking your routing with  
> google.  (email reproduced bellow for info).

The email message requires a response to follow up on the process.  
Did you requested this from support at google or some more specific  
email address?

I've been browsing and searching the Google Apps Help, and so far  
nothing on this.

> While I am negotiating this with the relevant sections of our IT  
> department, it has moved Google from my favourite suppliers of cool  
> new stuff to the worst. I also generally am one of the people who  
> argue against the network being locked down and people to be  
> allowed to use new service, this fiasco will seriously dent my  
> credibility next time I argue "you can't block that google app"

yeah :(, and it is really unfortunate.

Best regards,

> David
>> If you would like me to designate one of the accounts as an  
>> administrator
>> then you can nominate one after proving your ownership:
>> Verification option #1: create a special CNAME record
>> Create the following CNAME record for your domain through your domain
>> hosting provider.
>> dublin points to ghs.google.com
>> If your domain host is separate from your domain registrar, make sure
>> you're modifying the CNAME record with your domain host.  For help
>> creating this CNAME record, visit
>> https://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=47283.
>> Verification option #2: uploading a special HTML file
>> 1. Create an HTML file and name it gafyd.html.
>> 2. Enter the following characters anywhere in the HTML file: dublin.
>> 3. Save and upload this HTML file to your website.  Be sure to  
>> upload the
>> file to your root directory.
>> 4. Check http://your-domain.com/gafyd.html to make sure the file was
>> uploaded properly.
>> Once you've completed one of the verification options, reply to this
>> message, and I'll review your request.
>> Sincerely,
>> Lucas
>> The Google Apps Team
> Pedro Melo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Feb 26, 2008, at 9:52 AM, David Horwitz wrote:
>>> An update on this post some back and forth with the google help  
>>> team. It seems that anyone registering to use Google apps team  
>>> edition on a domain causes google the assume it handles XMPP for  
>>> that domain - Until the admin opts out.
>>> So it looks like a student or staff member has registered to use  
>>> google apps on our domain. No admin has registered (confirmed by  
>>> Google) yet Google still seems to think it handles XMPP.
>>> This is not good!
>> Yeah. Not good at all. This was my biggest concern when I read  
>> about the team edition.
>> I think the Google team in charge of this must quickly re-think  
>> this behavior. It is terribly irresponsible. What would people  
>> think if I registered my email with GMail and they decided that  
>> they are my preferred MX?
>> I wonder if they couldn't risk legal action by disrupting network  
>> communications like this... Specially under US law... It's a  
>> terrible risk to take.
>> If anybody knows where admins can opt-out, please post the link. I  
>> need to place some domains in there... I wonder how they check  
>> that I'm really the domain admin. Another problem that Admin  
>> Contacts for Servers would solve...
>> Best regards,
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