[Operators] Google Talk Federation Problems

Adam Fass afass at google.com
Tue Feb 26 13:12:53 CST 2008

Here is some additional information on the federation problems with
Google that some of you have observed.

The problem occurs when a user signs up for Google Apps Team Edition
with a domain that already uses XMPP federation. We believe we have
fixed all domains that had this problem as of Feb. 22nd by disabling
Google Talk in Team Edition, but it is possible that we missed a few.
Other domains may encounter this problem as new users sign up for Team
Edition, and we are working on a solution that checks for federated
domains automatically when users sign up.

If you are having a problem with federation, please report it to our
new alias for federation issues:
xmpp at google.com

If you administer a federated domain, you can fix this problem
yourself by upgrading from Google Apps Team Edition to Standard
Edition. Standard Edition provides a console that you can use to
disable Google Talk. See this page for instructions:

You can also request help from other users here:

Adam Fass
Software Engineer

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