[Operators] Google Talk Federation Problems

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Wed Feb 27 08:14:41 CST 2008

Jesse Thompson wrote:
>> If you are having a problem with federation, please report it to our
>> new alias for federation issues:
>> xmpp at google.com
> Since XMPP federation is still broken for our domains, I plan to request
> the Gtalk feature to be disabled for all domains we have federated.

OK, so emailing xmpp at google.com prompted them to fix this for our
domains.  Thanks Justin and Adam.

> How do we preempt Google from "assuming" ownership of domains that we do
> not currently have federated, but might in the future?

I didn't hear an answer to this question.  But this is the central
controversy of Team Edition.  I think Google knew what they were getting
into, so it will take a lot more than a little complaining to get them
to abandon the Team Edition initiative.


My other worry is with Google Calendar in Team Edition.  As the
calendaring "federation" standard (i.e. CalDAV) evolves, will Google
assume ownership of these domains for calendaring as well?

This would have been so much easier for everyone if they would have
chosen a provisioning scheme that didn't use domains that they didn't
control.  e.g. "domain.tld.google.com"


  Jesse Thompson
  Email/IM: jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
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