[Operators] domain hosting and certificates

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Sun Mar 9 06:55:50 CDT 2008


I don't see the main problem being the clients. We plan on hosting many 
domains on our new Dynamic Cluster for XMPP, so this topic is very 
interesting for me.

We use the Certificates from the XSF-ICA. I would like to have some type 
of account where I can manage 300 Certificates or more, check their 
Expiry Date, and renew them. Also create new Certificate without filling 
out all information again.

Then there is the problem of mail verification. What do you guys do when 
you create certificates? We don't host all the domains which are on the 
XMPP Cluster. Mail verification to hostmaster@ etc. is not possible in 
that case.

How do you guys manage this?


Florian Jensen
Flosoft.biz / CEK Media Service

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