[Operators] problems with s2s to jabber.org from iera.de

gloox at iera.de gloox at iera.de
Fri May 2 17:29:26 CDT 2008

i hope here is one of the jabber.org admins. i run a jabber server at iera.de. 
i just switched the software to ejabberd 1.1.4-5 (debian lenny) from 
jabberd14. i have some strange issues with jabber.org. sometimes i see 
contacts online but they cant see me and sometimes i cant write messages to 
them (they seem to get sent but never arrive, or i get an error later on: 
message could not be delivered, unknown reason) but they can write to me. 10 
minutes later, it is ok back again.

sadly i couldnt spot some issue in my log. perhaps you can have a look or have 
an idea?
thanks martin

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