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Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Thu May 8 07:58:48 CDT 2008

Luke -Jr wrote:
> Is this the road to extra charges for long distance IM/email?
> On Thursday 08 May 2008, David Banes wrote:
>> Late to the party here but I like this idea from Axigen, the secure
>> email server people;
>> - Axigen 6.1 also features Country Filtering, which enables system
>> administrators to determine geographic locations based on IPs and
>> create rules accordingly, such as banning or allowing emails sent
>> from selected countries.
>> As an email security company this is one of the techniques we use on
>> clients firewalls, not fool proof but  a good tool to have in the kit
>> bag.

That idea might not work well for s2s spam, but it would be a good way
to help stop bulk registrations for some services.  A particular service
might want to only allow registrations from users when they are, for
example, connected to the office network.  Otherwise the service could
allow c2s and s2s connections from anywhere.

There won't be a FUSSP.  The best thing you can do is provide a set of
tools for the service administrator to use at their discretion.


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