[Operators] jabberd-2.2.0 release!

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Thu May 22 11:08:22 CDT 2008

Finally time for jabberd 2.2.

Get 2.2.0 release as usual at:

and read: http://svn.xiaoka.com/jabberd2/trunk/UPGRADE

This is a major feature enhancement release.

The main change, yelding a new minor version is merging asynchronous DNS
resolver directly to s2s component, thus removal of the resolver component.
Certificate handling for each vHost is also working correctly now.
These all thanks to new developer - Simon Arlott.

Licensing issues with several jabberd source files were resolved, so jabberd
may now be included with license strict distributions like Debian.

Many bugfixes makes jabberd even more stable.

There is also one experimental feature in jabberd present - extension
to jabber:iq:private storage - pushing storage items changes to other
interested connected resources. This makes synchronising usage of private
storage very easy.

      * Ported apr_base64.c from Apache httpd 2.2.8
      * Using GSASL Base64 implementation with sasl_gsasl
      * Merged asynchronous domain resolving in s2s component support by
        Simon Arlott.
      * Merged Eric Schnoebelen assert fixes. Closes #215
      * Removed NULL user storage_get
      * Added PostgreSQL DB update sctipt
      * Fix for non-existant s2s local.id
      * Proper certificate per vHost handling by Simon Arlott. Fixes #1
      * Required gsasl 0.2.26 version for proper DIGEST-MD5
        implementation. Added gsasl patch in contrib. Refs #200
      * Fix for GSASL ANONYMOUS login
      * Implemented jabber:iq:private change pushes to interested
      * Fixed local resource check
      * Added missing jabberd.in to distribution

For a full ChangeLog see:

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