[Operators] Server Software Choice

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-operators at webkeks.org
Fri Apr 24 06:35:32 CDT 2009

Am 24.04.2009 um 10:52 schrieb Mickael Remond:

> On this specific topic, for those interested, we manage to run decent
> corporate server (more than 500 concurrent users) on a Linux PDA.

ejabberd only performs without TLS. If you enable TLS, it eats  
gigantic sums of RAM. For example, for only 10 online users, it eats  
90 MB for me (all using TLS, cert is 4096 bit). I really doubt that  
500 users using TLS will work on for example Christophes Zaurus (I  
guess this is what you are referring to, right?) ;).

Same for PubSub in ejabberd, it doesn't scale very well, too. 2 days  
ago, mod_caps would eat 100% CPU for a very long time on my server,  
with only a few users. But fortunately, Christophe started rewriting  
it :).

For OpenFire / Tigase and all the others that came after ejabberd,  
they have one common problem IMO: Java. Java is a real PITA if your OS  
is neither Solaris nor Windows nor Linux. And the real new servers,  
like for example Prosody, still lack too many features to be an  
alternative to ejabberd atm.


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