[Operators] Server Software Choice

Taylor Laramie Taylor.Laramie at globalrelay.net
Fri Apr 24 06:46:22 CDT 2009

> Am 24.04.2009 um 10:52 schrieb Mickael Remond:
>> On this specific topic, for those interested, we manage to run decent
>> corporate server (more than 500 concurrent users) on a Linux PDA.
> ejabberd only performs without TLS. If you enable TLS, it eats
> gigantic sums of RAM. For example, for only 10 online users, it eats
> 90 MB for me (all using TLS, cert is 4096 bit). I really doubt that
> 500 users using TLS will work on for example Christophes Zaurus (I
> guess this is what you are referring to, right?) ;).
> Same for PubSub in ejabberd, it doesn't scale very well, too. 2 days
> ago, mod_caps would eat 100% CPU for a very long time on my server,
> with only a few users. But fortunately, Christophe started rewriting
> it :).

I knew about the TLS issue (we have our load balancers handle the
decryption) but mod_pubsub wasn't. Something I'll have to keep and eye on
for our cluster.
Currently our ejabberd installation runs fine and has only crashed once in
the last year and a half due to the disk it was on running out of space. Not
that the processes had that kind of uptime though due to
adding-vhosts-requires-restarts 'quirk'.


Taylor Laramie

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