[Operators] Google S2S intermittent failures

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Thu Aug 13 03:43:32 CDT 2009

Maissel, Joe wrote:
> Since deploying XMPP federation with gmail.com back in November, we
> experience intermittent service problems.  As far as we know, and
> according to Google, the problem is experienced only by our domains -
> credit-suisse.com and credit-suisse.tv.  Other domains running the same
> software and version we use have not experienced the issue.  
> The problem always manifests itself the following way.  Outbound traffic
> to gmail.com from credit-suisse.com, presence and messages, always
> flows.  Inbound traffic from gmail.com stops working for not apparent
> reason.  Then, after 4 to 48 hours, it all starts working normally.  I
> was able to capture the traffic while it was in the non-working state.
> According to our vendor Cisco/Jabber, what's happening is that gmail.com
> is trying to piggyback two streams on a single connection.  The
> Cisco/Jabber server does not support this and cuts off the connection.
> What's puzzling to me is that Cisco/Jabber does not see this issue with
> their own federation with gmail.com and neither do any of their
> customers.

It seems that you need contacts on at least two google domains -
gmail.com, google.com, googlemail.com - to reproduce this (or you
can simply send urn:xmpp:ping stanzas to these domains).

> Here's what the XMPP looks like when it fails (taken from a snoop
> session).  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Afaics your server rejects the subsequent db:result attempts. It should
not do that (search for 'piggybacking' in rfc 3920).


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