[Operators] Remove old unused accounts?

Mathias Ertl mati at fsinf.at
Wed Dec 9 09:27:51 CST 2009


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Yes, we do that at the jabber.org service.

Since you use ODBC and ejabberd, I also like to point out EJAB-1031 [1].
This is a bug that causes ejabberdctl to delete accounts based on
usage-information from the mnesia database, even if you use mod_last_odbc.

> At jabber.org we allow re-registration. However, you raise some good
> points about the practice. My major concern is that if we kept accounts
> forever, we would have a lot more accounts (most of them idle) than we
> have now. Before we started removing idle accounts, our database was
> growing quite fast, whereas now it grows much more slowly (we have about
> 330,000 accounts).

This was also my major consideration. Also consider that soon all "good"
usernames are taken. Try getting <yourname>@gmail.com for example. I did
a little investigation and gmail definitely does not allow
reregistration, on yahoo mail I found conflicting information, but they
seem to at least block usernames for some time.

> Another issue is clean deletion: sending unsubscribes from the old
> account to the entities in the roster, removing the vCard, etc. I don't
> know if any software makes this easy or even possible.

At least ejabberd offers a command for this. If some data remains I (and
I am sure Badlop to) would consider this a bug.

greetings, Mati

[1] https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-1031

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