[Operators] Remove old unused accounts?

Mihael Pranjić tux at limun.org
Thu Dec 10 13:26:10 CST 2009

> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > That said, there is a minor security concern here. MUC rooms and PubSub
> > nodes could garbage-collect owners and admins/publishers, just as core
> > XMPP services do. This is another reason to put such entities in the
> > user's roster.
> It wouldn't however be the only one. What happens if, say, some other
> mathias.ertl at jabber.org posts a lot of warez (or anything illegal for
> that matter... child porn?) into a forum and then also posts his JID for
> some reason. Then years later I register that same ID (works, because
> the old one has been deleted). Then I apply for a Job somewhere and
> someone googles my name... shit just happened :-P

This is a very good point imho, I didnt even think about that o.O... So I 
still think that this should be discussed and not ignored. This may not be a 
current problem, but in the future things like that can easily happen.

> Come to think of it, the same would happen if that other guy still uses
> that ID... hmm, maybe its not so much a problem.
> greetings, Mati

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