[Operators] my first XMPP spam message

naw lambda512 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 10:57:45 CST 2009

On Miércoles 16 Diciembre 2009 17:27:33 Peter Saint-Andre escribió:
> Well, folks, this is a great day for XMPP! Today, after 10+ years of
> using Jabber/XMPP technologies, I received the first one-to-one message
> that I can unambiguously identify as spam. This is very exciting because
> it shows that our technology has finally arrived. :)
> Now I need to finish work on the simple reputation proposal I've been
> writing...
> /psa
> [ ... ]

Well, it looks to me more like a chain message (like tose in emails) sent by a 
human to all his contacts. Normal spam messages try to sell viagra, normal 
spim messages try to impersonate an attractive person in order to get you 
joining websites. This message allerts you on the dangers of drugs.

It is an unwanted message, but it seems to me to have been manually sent.

>Subject: smoking blends

This looks like the source of the message is a facebook-like website.

PS: I had reveived SPIM messages through MSN transports.

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