[Operators] Brussels report

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Feb 10 07:44:32 CST 2009

At the XMPP Summit yesterday, a group of operators and server developers
got together to discuss abuse prevention and problem reporting over the
network. Our primary idea was to establish server "buddy lists" (each
server would have a group of other servers that it trusts) and define a
format (probably XEP-0004: Data Forms) that would enable a server to
report issues, problems, and incidents to its "buddies". (The same
format would probably be used to send incident reports to offending
servers in some instances, although with a reduced subset of
information.) I will work with some of these operators and developers to
update XEP-0161: Abuse Reporting along these lines.


[ written en route from Brussels, delivery times may vary :) ]

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