[Operators] a radar site?

mike mike.3no6yb at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Sun Feb 15 16:17:03 CST 2009

I would like my domain added to the "official" list. The info on the
radar site for xmpp.ws needs to be updated too..

The domain name for your service: XMPP.WS 
The CA that provided your certificate: CACert 
The SSL-only port for client-to-server communications: 5223 
A website that provides information about the service:
http://tipoca-city.com and http://xmpp.ws 
The preferred contact information for the service admin: Mike
McDermott, mike at xmpp.ws, JID: mike at xmpp.ws , tele: 937-573-8535 
The approximate latitude and longitude of the machine hosting the
service: 39.957611, -84.171348  
The server software you use: Openfire 
A small description of your server for Jabber.org: Tipoca-City
Messaging server, hosted as XMPP.WS has been around since the earliest
version of Openfire/Wildfire, and may be one of the oldest Openfire
Window based implementations. All of the stable gateway services are
exposed. AOL | MSN | Yahoo | Gadu-Gadu | ICQ | IRC | Google Talk |
SIP/SIMPLE | XMPP. I welcome anyone who wants to expose a web service,
component or their own Jabber server to Tipoca-City Messaging, please
contact me at mike at xmpp.ws, lets share the load!

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