[Operators] How can I tell if gtalk thinks it authoritative for my XMPP domain?

Nikolaus Polak nik at linuxlovers.at
Tue Feb 24 13:35:03 CST 2009

----- "<-_-_-|Rek2|-_-_-->" <rek2 at binaryfreedom.info> schrieb:
> Hi Justin,  this is what I have for like 1.5 years, can you check if
> you
> can resolve this from google? I will like to make sure were the
> problem
> is, if is in jabberd2 or  in google, and like I say it was working
> just
> fine till this weekends for a long time :-/ and is working fine with
> everyother xmpp server out there.
>     _jabber._tcp.binaryfreedom.info. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269
> binaryfreedom.info.
> _xmpp-server._tcp.binaryfreedom.info. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269
> binaryfreedom.info.
> _xmpp-client._tcp.binaryfreedom.info. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5222
> binaryfreedom.info.
> Thanks.
> Chris F.
you're having the same problem as i had, just with another jabber
server software. Your server says you are using jabberd 2.2.7 and
I found this bug/comment on the jabberd2 bugtracker:

I've been told today that it's more a problem in the java ssl
implementation as you can read also here:

Hope for you that there'll be soon a patch for jabberd2, or that
java and/or google are fixing this problem so we need no workarounds
by patching good written software ;)

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