[Operators] Flood from uaznia.net users

Grégoire Menuel gregoire.menuel at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 07:23:47 CST 2009

Hi !

Yesterday some of the users of my MUC server (chat.jabberfr.org)
complained about some flood coming from the uaznia.net server. A
dizains of users from this server have joined the same room, without
saying anything. Does anyone had the same thing on his server ? How
can I contact the guys from uaznia (the uaznia.net webpage is empty) ?

For information here is a (partial) list of the jid which have been
flooding the rooms http://paste.debian.net/25539

Grégoire Menuel
xmpp:omega at im.apinc.org
GPG : 1024D/D3BF3B20

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