[Operators] Gtalk and Multi User chat

Lastwebpage Lastwebpage.3mu85n at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Fri Jan 30 11:54:57 CST 2009

only a noob question about this:
> [18:47]	Rolle (Role) von Bob wurde geändert in 'Moderator'.
> [18:47]	Bob (Bob at googlemail.com/Home007) betritt den Channel
> [18:47]	Bob  (Bob @googlemail.com/Home007) verlässt den Channel: This
> participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error message to
> another participant: service-unavailable
each 5 minutes.

When I would do the same on an IRC server, I would kicked out after the
2-4 try, have jabber servers not something like a floot control?


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