[Operators] Online real time monitoring

Alexandr Shapoval rain at richim.org
Sun Jul 5 10:48:23 CDT 2009

Hi all!
I have a suggestion for monitoring Jabber services. You can see basic 
example of it at http://richim.org/monitor_en.php. Monitoring of the 
service is powered by Nagios. Survey of services
occurs instantly once for 15(in my example, may be different) minutes. 
Nagios uses a modular architecture and allows you to monitor a large 
number of diverse services. Each module is independent, called by the 
daemon, performs validation and returns the result to the daemon.
A daemon collects statistics in a special data file. Adding new servers 
to the monitoring carried out by adding information about the server in 
nagios configuration. In this example, I used the function parsing the 
data file written in PHP from SNPI by Bianchini Stefano. There is also a 
possibility to use a database to store information about the status of 
services and perhaps about the servers. If interested, I will continue 
investigations in this direction.

Alexandr Shapoval

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