[Operators] Strange registrations

Michael Grigutsch migri at i-pobox.net
Sat Mar 28 03:52:53 CDT 2009

Xavier Maillard schrieb:
>    The accounts are not be used further after registration, some of them were 
>    automatically deleted during daily maintenance as the user never logs in.
> Is it something built-in in ejabberd or something you setup
> yourself ? If the latter, would you mind sharing your tips ?

It's a cron-script based on ejabberdctl I run daily:

MYEMAIL="migri at xxxxxx.xxx"
FILENAME="`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`"
/usr/sbin/ejabberdctl backup $FILENAME.bak
/usr/sbin/ejabberdctl delete-old-messages 370 >/dev/null  2>&1
/usr/sbin/ejabberdctl delete-older-users-vhost jabber.i-pobox.net 500|mail -s " deleted
user" $MYEMAIL

ejabberdctl has the two parameters:
delete-older-users DAYS
delete-older-users-vhost VHOST DAYS

It will not only delete the users not logged in since that days but also users never
logged in.
I pipe it to mail to be notified about all deleted accounts.


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