[Operators] Strange registrations

Michael Grigutsch migri at i-pobox.net
Sat Mar 28 04:10:02 CDT 2009


Clemens Fries schrieb:
> Hi!
> I, too, got a few of these registrations. I did a quick search for some of the 
> names on the list and discovered that all the surnames used in the nicknames 
> seem to originate from this list:
>   http://cns2.uni.edu/~okane/114/Physicians.txt
> It may be interesting to hear of anyone got a nickname with a surname that is 
> not on that list. I got only positive matches for the names you provided and 
> for the seven names I had at hand.

I checked that list and can not find any of the names used on registration at our server:

>> the last days, always using $name_$name as nick, e.g. suzanna_taggart,
>> evangeline_coldsmith, kendal_emrick...

I got only some hits if you count similar names...
But even then most of the nicks used for registration are not in the list.

Best regards


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