[Operators] XMPP ICA update

Mathias Ertl mati at fsinf.at
Wed Oct 21 14:11:54 CDT 2009

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> As to multi-domain certificates, do you mean (2a) a single certificate
> for multiple trust domains (e.g., jabber.org and xmpp.org) or (2b) a
> single certificate for multiple hostnames in a trust domain (e.g.,
> jabber.org and conference.jabber.org)? I just confirmed with StartCom
> that they offer both of these options in Class 2. Personally I think
> it's not proper that they offer (2a) because that's too generous, but I
> don't work for them so that's their business. ;-)

Actually both. Our current certificate is for fsinf.at, *.fsinf.at and
mars.htu.tuwien.ac.at. For the jabber-server we only need the first two,
though. So I guess I'll check it out, if the price is not very high, we
could pay for a class 2 cert...

greetings, Mati

> Although I think that the foregoing text is correct, please check with
> StartCom for all the details because it is possible that I have not
> represented their service with 100% accuracy.
> Peter

I only read plain text mail! I prefer pgp|gpg signed & encrypted mails!

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