[Operators] Anybody else having problems sending XMPP messages to Google "@gmail.com" users?

Christopher J. Tengi tengi at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Apr 21 15:46:20 CDT 2010

Starting some time yesterday, <JID>@gmail.com users started to appear
unreachable to some of our users.  Restarting our XMPP server brought
them back in the roster, but we are unable to send messages to anybody
in GMail-land. Eventually, we get timeout messages.  Checking the hosts
in the SRV record for  _xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com. I see:

_xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com has SRV record 5 0 5269
_xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com has SRV record 20 0 5269
_xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com has SRV record 20 0 5269
_xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com has SRV record 20 0 5269
_xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com has SRV record 20 0 5269
xmpp-server.l.google.com:5269/tcp is reachable
xmpp-server1.l.google.com:5269/tcp is reachable
xmpp-server2.l.google.com:5269/tcp is reachable
xmpp-server3.l.google.com:5269/tcp is down
xmpp-server4.l.google.com:5269/tcp is down

The IP addresses I see are as follows:

xmpp-server.l.google.com has address
xmpp-server1.l.google.com has address
xmpp-server2.l.google.com has address
xmpp-server3.l.google.com has address
xmpp-server4.l.google.com has address

My XMPP server (an out of date, but otherwise servicable jabberd-2.1.19)
appears to see all of these addresses, but shows a boat-load of timeouts
to  It is not clear that *any* of our outbound messages
are getting through, although we can *receive* messages from @gmail.com

Any thoughts?  Is anybody else having trouble talking to Google?


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