[Operators] Openfire 3.6.4 (jabber.iitsp.com) vs. jabber.org

Nigel Kukard nkukard at lbsd.net
Sun Jul 4 03:27:24 CDT 2010

Hi there Matthew,

>>> Prosody Server: http://prosody.im
>> Prosody looks pretty cool .... lua ... I don't REALLY like scripting
>> languages, but at this point in time I'm close to trying anything
>> really. Not sure I have any hair left after all the hair pulling I've
>> been doing.
> I started the Prosody project, and when I started I also had doubts
> about using a "scripting language" for such a big project. Suffice to
> say that over the past couple of years my doubts are well and truly
> gone :) In fact I find the definition of "scripting language" rather
> vague now.


Yea, I agree, my fears of scripting languages have all started to fade
... they are so much easier and faster to debug. New languages I don't
already use make me a bit nervous tho, but I'll just have to deal with
that  :)

>> Our organization is very strongly skilled in C/C++, perl ... everything
>> else is doable, but those are our strongest languages. I kinda liked
>> jabberd2 for that, there is a jabberd-mod_perl .... so my eyes lightened up.
> There's a Lua<->Perl bridge I've briefly looked at before as a way to
> extend Prosody with Perl. Not being a Perl coder myself though I never
> really took the thought as far as implementation, but I guess it would
> only need someone with the know-how and motivation...

I'll definitely keep that in mind.

>> I can't see that prosody uses SQL though, which is something we would
>> REALLY like as it allows us to register users in various different ways
>> and to migrate our current userbase over with zero impact.
> Indeed, we're working on SQL support for 0.8 which we (really) hope
> will be out by the end of this month.

I'll definitely check that out then :)

>>> Spectrum Transports: http://spectrum.im
> +1 to Arsimael's recommendation of Spectrum... although I don't use it
> on my own server I know it's a healthy and actively-developed project
> used by most Prosody users, and is the main reason Prosody doesn't
> have any native transports already (why when there are good ones
> already out there?).

Ah yea, I had still to visit that site ... that solves my gateway
problem entirely.


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