[Operators] Openfire 3.6.4 (jabber.iitsp.com) vs. jabber.org

Nigel Kukard nkukard at lbsd.net
Mon Jul 5 07:15:48 CDT 2010

>>> If it was C, I would be hacking the code and adding debugging to see
>>> where the connection is terminating ... etc.
>> I'd be (secretly, of course) delighted if this were a reason to move 
>> from a competitor's product, but that's not the case here. Even if 
>> this server were written in C, with nice debugging support, and you 
>> had the source, this wouldn't help you. M-Link's dropping the 
>> connection on its side because it thinks you're running a protocol
>> it  doesn't recognise, so you'd need to debug that.
>> Luckily, M-Link *is* written in C, and I do have the source, as well 
>> as a debug build that's duplicating the problem, so I'll take a
>> look.  :-)
> Okay, source not needed - I ran up Wireshark, and looked at what's
> going on.
> What happens is:
> I say "<starttls/>".
> You say "<proceed/>". This is good.
> I say "TLS ClientHello".
> You say - outside of TLS - "<failure/>". This, as they say, is not
> good - we're certainly not expecting to see that there.
> Can you try to send something to my personal IM account?
> dwd at dave.cridland.net
> I've got wireshark running, so should be able to see what happens in
> the opposite direction. 

How odd ... test message sent.


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