[Operators] Some public XMPP services seems to not be available anymore

Alexandr Shapoval rain at richim.org
Sat Sep 4 14:55:26 CDT 2010


This page has a right to exist. And I think, you need to port this page 
to the new site.

11.08.10 14:58, Will Sheward ???????(??):
>  On 11/08/2010 12:51, naw wrote:
>> Hello, some of the services in http://xmpp.org/services/ seem to not 
>> be available anymore, so maybe you will want to update the list.
> I suspect that this list isn't realistically maintainable given the 
> proliferation of XMPP services. It may be better to retire this page* 
> and simply announce (and tag) new services on the blog.
> Will.
> Translation: I forgot to port this page to the new site :-)

*Alexandr Shapoval*

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