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Arsimael Arsimael at voxnoctem.de
Wed Sep 8 10:07:55 CST 2010

 I think the easiest and most effective way is a small Question:

The Jabber Clients want to register a new Account. before the Server
grants the new Account he opens a small textfile with 10 (or 20 or
10.000) Questions and Answeres. He Picks andsom a Question and sends
it to the client. Like "what is 12+6? Please write the answere in one
word." - Is the Answere correct, then the client gets his account, If
not well - try again :)

With this way, avery server-owner can write his own questions in his
own language, and Bots will have a big problem with hat. Espechially
if a question like "What is the name of the most annoying spambot?" :D


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