[Operators] public XMPP service: [jappix.com]

Vanaryon vanaryon at vanaryon.eu
Sat Sep 25 02:37:31 CST 2010

Hello, we'd like to submit our XMPP server, from the Jappix official
service. Here are the informations:

      * domain: [jappix.com]
      * website: [http://www.jappix.com/]
      * year launched: [2010]
      * country: [FR]
      * latitude: [50.694065]
      * longitude: [3.199553]
      * CA: [CACert]
      * server software: [ejabberd]
      * admin name: [Valérian Saliou]
      * admin JID: [vanaryon at jappix.com]
      * description: [the Jappix XMPP service]


Valérian Saliou.

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