[Operators] Looking for full xml list / app idea

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Apr 22 16:50:00 UTC 2011

On 4/22/11 6:49 AM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a full server xml-list available?



However, it's not currently in sync with the WordPress site. We need to
write a script that keeps it in sync, but that hasn't happened yet.

> The one that was linked to from the old services-site has some columns
> lacking (like country, CA) while the table available on the
> wordpressy-site has those columns but is lacking others in change.

Right, we removed lat/lon because it was causing the table to be cut off
in most browsers, because it was a pain to gather and update that data,
and because country is probably close enough.

> To explain my question: I'd like to set up some kind of app to manage
> the list more easily (the table-management tool in wordpress is kind
> of confusing), 


> and produce differently formatted list representations
> for use on the page as table or as a list in xml and json format. It
> could also automatize things like sending out emails to the
> postmaster,admin,etc at example.com-addresses for verification,
> SRV-record checking, doing regular checks on the servers to rule out
> the non-working ones.

Sounds delightful.

> Another suggestion (could also be integrated to above mentioned app)
> would be to set up a form for server-admins to register their server,
> as that would put the requests into a consistent format for us to
> process. This could already be done now in wordpress and still be sent
> as email to the operators list.

That would be wonderful.

> I'd like to hear some feedback and suggestions on the "app-idea". To
> be honest I was a bit bored last weekend and already set up a basic
> app that can import the old services-full.xml into a sql-database and
> can receive new registrations by form-submission. If there is interest
> I'd be willing to polish it up a bit so you can have a look.

From your description, I assume that the app is a form-submission page
(in WordPress or separate?) that handles/formats the input data, sends a
message to this list, sends messages to the right domain contacts, etc.

> Have a nice easter weekend!

You too!


Peter Saint-Andre

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