[Operators] Fwd: Looking for full xml list / app idea

Ben Zimmer ben at einfachjabber.de
Sun Apr 24 20:04:29 UTC 2011

>> The one that was linked to from the old services-site has some columns
>> lacking (like country, CA) while the table available on the
>> wordpressy-site has those columns but is lacking others in change.
> Right, we removed lat/lon because it was causing the table to be cut off
> in most browsers, because it was a pain to gather and update that data,
> and because country is probably close enough.

Agreed, but more important is the lack of the CA-field in the
xml-list, as that would be required for the automatic checks
(SSL-capability) to work. Perhaps we could merge the xml-file and the
html-table data, to get a complete list to use.

>> I'd like to hear some feedback and suggestions on the "app-idea". To
>> be honest I was a bit bored last weekend and already set up a basic
>> app that can import the old services-full.xml into a sql-database and
>> can receive new registrations by form-submission. If there is interest
>> I'd be willing to polish it up a bit so you can have a look.
> From your description, I assume that the app is a form-submission page
> (in WordPress or separate?) that handles/formats the input data, sends a
> message to this list, sends messages to the right domain contacts, etc.
> Correct?

My first shot is a standalone app (as I'm not that fluent in PHP and
wordpress-plugins) written in Python (based on the flask framework).
The feature-set I have in mind would look like this:
 - Page to display the table for the human eye
 - represantations of that table in xml, json to to be used by
clients or other applications
 - form for server-admins to register their servers/domains

 - Table as in the frontend but with capability maintain the
server-list by hand (displays all information necessary to approve a
 - on new request by the frontend-form:
   - adds server to backend table, marked as "not approved"
   - sends email to server-admin addresses for verification
   - does SRV-, SSL-checks and displays results in the backend table
   - sends new requests to mailinglist
   - once one of us has contacted the domain-owner personally and all
checks are positive the server could be marked as "approved" and
appears in the frontend-table and xml-list
 - does regular checks on availability, SRV-records etc. and informs
staff about offline servers

Hope I forgot nothing :) The main goal would be to have all tools to
approve a server in one place.


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