[Operators] fallback, gmail and s2s

sergio mailbox at sergio.spb.ru
Wed Apr 27 01:56:29 UTC 2011

On 04/27/2011 05:36 AM, Marco Cirillo wrote:

> Digging here and there on Google, it looks there're several related
> problems, maybe this could apply?
> http://www.ejabberd.im/fix-dns-srv
It is not that. Yes, I've seen this. Without this setting you will not 
be able to serve domain without A records (with srv only), so I have this.

> Also I think you can safely remove the _jabber. SRV record as it's not
> used anymore.
jabberd14 doesn't use xmpp-server, but uses jabber.
So if your domain hasn't A record or you want add secondary server and 
you have people from jabberd14 in roster you need jabber srv records.


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