[Operators] Fwd: [Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: XMPP Network Information Sharing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Dec 13 21:58:35 UTC 2011

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Cool. I've started to investigate what would be needed in Prosody to
make this happen (e.g., the Prosody developers tell me that they'd
need to modify their roster handling to allow the service itself to
have a roster). I plan to do some work on this over the holidays,
which will give me a chance to learn some Lua anyway. :)

On 12/13/11 12:28 PM, Christian wrote:
> Sounds great :)
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> Am 13.12.2011 00:22, schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:
>> FYI, this is a sketch of a better way to gather data about XMPP
>> servers that opt in to sharing information about themselves with
>> aggregators like xmpp.net and jabberes.org. Comments welcome!
>> Peter
>> -------- Original Message -------- Subject: [Standards] Proposed
>> XMPP Extension: XMPP Network Information Sharing Date: Mon, 12
>> Dec 2011 23:20:17 +0000 From: XMPP Extensions Editor
>> <editor at xmpp.org> Reply-To: XMPP Standards <standards at xmpp.org> 
>> To: standards at xmpp.org
>> The XMPP Extensions Editor has received a proposal for a new
>> XEP.
>> Title: XMPP Network Information Sharing
>> Abstract: This specification shows how to combine and extend a
>> number of existing XMPP protocols for improved sharing of
>> information about XMPP servers.
>> URL: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/network.html
>> The XMPP Council will decide in the next two weeks whether to
>> accept this proposal as an official XEP.
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