[Operators] DarkOrbit cheater bot

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Wed Jul 27 15:58:16 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, July 27, 2011 10:45:55 AM Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> A program that enables you to cheat at DarkOrbit ("The ultimate Browser
> Game space adventure") has established itself on the XMPP network. In
> essence, you pay for a license and then you are able to "chat" over IM
> to obtain real-time instructions about how to cheat in the DarkOrbit
> game. Originally this bot had a JID at jabber.org. I disabled the
> account at jabber.org because it had a very large buddy list and because
> I don't like cheaters. It then moved to wippien.com. I told the Wippien
> admins and they shut down the bot. The bot then moved to jabber.ru. It
> has gone through several JIDs at jabber.ru (e.g., kbot499 at jabber.ru,
> kbotik at jabber.ru) but still resides at that domain. I have seen many
> users at jabber.org who have this bot in their rosters (these cheaters
> often seem to forget their passwords), so other server admins might want
> to be aware that such users are becoming quite common. I contacted the
> creators of the DarkOrbit game in early March but did not receive a
> reply from them. If you play that game or have a way to contact the
> creators, please ping me off-list.

Erm, it's just a game. So what if people are "cheating"? If that's what they 
want to do with their game, it's nobody else's business... Since when are 
Jabber server operators supposed to act as cheating police? -.-

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