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Claudiu Curcă claudiu at coderollers.com
Tue Apr 10 21:14:17 UTC 2012

Hello, Daniel

>From my former experience, I have yet to receive any sort of reply from a Russian ISP, let alone some action being taken against an offender... I have nothing against the Russian people or their culture, or anything, but when it comes to the online medium, it seems that it's no-man's-land. This is why I have taken the approach of blocking all traffic based on GeoIP.

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the same thing happened to my server orcalab.net. Public registration is now disabled till I get that IP sorted and I am restoring a backup of the old user database right now. I got over 1000 registrations within a few minutes. Same scheme as yours.

Thank you for providing the IP address, I will also block the whole russian IP block.

Will you file a complaint against this subscriber or do you think it has no sense at all to complain at a russian business?

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