[Operators] Public XMPP service: [jisshi.com]

simone.ranucci at jisshi.com simone.ranucci at jisshi.com
Sun Apr 29 20:38:40 UTC 2012

Please add my public XMPP service to the list at
http://xmpp.org/resources/public-services/. The service information is
as follows:

domain: [jisshi.com]
website: [http://www.jisshi.com]
year launched: [2012]
country: [Italy]
latitude: [41.85604]
longitude: [12.45131]
CA: [StartSSL]
server software: [Openfire]
admin name: [Simone Ranucci]
admin JID: [admin at jisshi.com]
description: [Jisshi]

Website is coming soon. My domain is hosted on GoDaddy.
I also got a SSL Certificate from them but id did not work on Openfire
so I got one from STartSSL.

My machine is hosted on Amazon EC2.

I hope also to became a member of of the XMPP Standards Foundation to
give my contribution both on infrastructure and communication sides.
I discovered XMPP by years but only now I am getting more and more
involved. Thanks in advance for this opportunity.

Simone Ranucci

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