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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Feb 27 17:23:00 UTC 2012

On Mon Feb 27 10:04:17 2012, Björn Kempén wrote:
> Thanks, I was not aware of this issue, and I'll file an internal  
> bug for it :)
> Also, I've sent out private emails in response to some of the people
> offering to help out with the server-to-server debugging.
> Thanks a lot for offering to help us out with debugging this issue.
> Currently, our server fails a lot of attempted dialback for "real"
> reasons, such as domains lacking SRV records, which can make it very
> hard to detect regressions in the dialback code.
> I'm hoping to have the issues reported here resolved as soon as  
> possible.

The newer dialback spec - XEP-0220 - does include error support,  
which'd allow you to hand the server a textual error reason for  
failure when you reject a <db:result/>, as well as machine-readable  
error conditions.

Would that help admins get a diagnosis of why the dialback is failing  
(in common cases) without you having to manually chase up each case?

If there's anything we could do on a protocol/standards front to make  
self-diagnosis of S2S failure easier, I'd be willing to push for  
that. (And in my guise as M-Link guy, make sure we implement it).

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