[Operators] Finally *fix* the list-issue

Martin Sebald msebald at hot-chilli.net
Mon Jan 16 15:23:37 UTC 2012

Hello Mathias, Hello all,

thank god - someone has taken this into his own hands and did something to
change the current situation. Thank you, Mathias! I really hope that this
is helping the users and the admins, at least a bit. To populate the list,
I entered our 8 domains we run at jabber.hot-chilli.net and I hope that
every server admin is putting his server into the list, too.

The question remains how popular the lists of Mathias and Naw will be/get.
For sure everybody will look at xmpp.org first before checking Google.

So my additional request would be to completly wipe the xmpp.org list and
simply link to other (and first of all maintained) lists like the two named
above. As Mathias wrote, and there is nothing more to add, the xmpp.org
list ist just unusable in its current state. The date shown is mostly
outdated, it is very hard or even impossible to get current data changed,
new data added or old data deleted.

BTW: A lot of XMPP clients like Gajim and Miranda show a list of public
XMPP servers when creating a new XMPP account. For Gajim these server come
out of a static XML file *outch*, for Miranda I don't know. It looks like
these lists might be based on the server list of xmpp.org. So we should
also talk about this issue and try to change it.


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